We can benchmark the current capability of your leaders and managers in order to identify both individual and collective development needs. This ensures that our clients target investment on the right people in line with the needs of their business.

Capability frameworks

These describe the unique skills and behaviours an organisation needs from their leaders. We are skilled at reviewing existing capability frameworks to make sure they are fit for purpose, or working with our clients to develop a solution.

Assessment centres

Our business psychologists co-design and deliver these in partnership with our clients to manage cost and ensure that you retain the close business connection. The activities simulate realistic situations that reflect what actually happens and is important to the client's business. Our facilitators know how to put people at their ease and get the best from them.

Psychological interviews

These are designed to help leaders and managers understand more about their own values, what drives them and establish their readiness for career advancement, or to commit to further development. The organisation can then manage expectations, aligning individual aspirations with career opportunities, as well as identifying potential derailers.

Psychometric profiling

We are qualified in a broad range of well-respected psychological profiling tools (e.g. Insights Discovery ®, Myers-Briggs, RPQ, FIRO-B, Hogan Inventories, Achievement Builder, etc). We are skilled at helping individuals to interpret their results, reflect and identify development needs in line with the needs of the business, build on their strengths and learn where and how to adapt their behaviour to be more successful.


We design and administer cost effective 360° surveys via a secure and dedicated website, ensuring confidentiality.  Participants receive a detailed report that summarises their strengths and highlights development opportunities. The report is usually augmented by expert facilitated feedback.

Most clients also like to receive high level summary reports that allow the organisation to have a more strategic view of leadership strengths weaknesses and development needs across the business.

Philip Perry will be pleased to talk to you about your leadership assessment requirements. Contact him on +44 (0) 1306 621600 or email philip.perry@morgan-clarke.co.uk