“I found the coaching invaluable to enable me to think and plan where to focus my time and resources to make a success of my new role. My coach asked very searching questions that quickly got to the heart of the challenges I was facing.”


Our client, a Global Bank, decided to pursue an aggressive strategy for growth in Eastern Europe. Successful implementation of the business plan required them to recruit a politically astute, commercially aware Regional Head with a reputation for delivering results.

The company identified a number of suitable candidates from within their talent pool, and assessed them to identify their strengths and areas where additional experience, knowledge or skills were needed. The most suitable candidate was chosen and sponsored into the position.

The Challenge

We were asked to provide an experienced coach to help prepare the candidate for his new role. The selected coach needed to have a solid understanding of the current challenges facing a banking and financial services sector reeling from the ‘credit crunch’ and an awareness of the political and commercial risks for the proposed expansion into Eastern Europe. The coach also needed relevant experience in supporting individuals at points of major career progression.

Morgan Clarke’s Approach

We helped the client identify the topics to be addressed in a six session coaching programme which, if successful, would ensure the success of the candidate. We clarified the personal and professional development needs of the individual and agreed benchmarking and measures of success. This was recorded in a Coaching Contract at the start of the programme together with agreements about confidentiality and reporting processes.

Suitable coaches were identified from our team using our rigorous ‘matching’ process.
This maps the requirements of the coaching assignment and the psychological profile of the
coachee against potential coaches based on their experience, areas of expertise and
coaching style.

What Was Achieved

  • A more politically aware candidate
  • Increased understanding of the commercial risks for the venture
  • A 100 day plan identifying key deliverables and areas for focus
  • Clarification of the resource needed to deliver the plan
  • Improved skills in influencing and stakeholder management
  • A confident individual with a clear vision of how to succeed in their new role.