Morgan Clarke is highly experienced at coaching in the business environment where we have been operating for more than 12 years. We are a primary, approved supplier to many global and multinational companies.

We have helped many of our clients set-up and manage highly effective mentoring programmes. Mentoring schemes enable an organisation to truly capture and pass on the knowledge and experience of their senior people to less experienced employees.

We coach throughout the UK and Ireland, continental Europe and in North America. Many of our coaching assignments are for business leaders at CEO, MD, Country Head, Director and SVP level.  We also coach Business Unit and Function Heads as well as other senior and high potential managers.

Coaching programmes range from:

Stepping up, reflection before action, leading in challenging times, etc.

Delivering results, improving personal effectiveness, advanced skills development, inspiring others, etc.

Overcoming barriers, building confidence, changing behaviour, etc.

Key to our success in coaching in business is that:

  • We always think of the business as our client; all coaching focuses on delivering business results and improvement for the client
  • Our approach is structured, rigorous but easy to use
  • We are experts at matching the right coach to the coachee
  • Coaching programmes are focused and usually for no more than six sessions.

To find out more about our coaching services and how they can benefit you, please call our Director of Coaching, Philip Perry on + 44 (0)1306 621600 or email