The client is a manufacturer of high value medical equipment, committed to building up their business leadership capability to support an ambitious strategy of driving sustainable double digit growth, both organically and by means of well targeted acquisitions.

The Challenge

  • To align all leaders and senior managers with the vision, values and strategic objectives of the business
  • To improve how people work in a matrix environment; breaking down silos, improving cross-functional working and the effectiveness of cross-organizational initiatives
  • To grow the talent pool, creating more authentic and inspirational leaders, who energize people, live the company values and role model the right behaviors for leaders

Morgan Clarke Approach

We employed a unique blend of approaches from the Morgan Clarke Learning Mix™: self-directed study, modular workshops, coaching, mentoring, business simulation, 360º and project work.

On these customised programs there is always a Morgan Clarke anchor person. He/she ‘anchors’ each 8-12 month leadership journey, providing continuity, and having primary responsibility for maximising the learning of each participant and the group as a whole. Core learning modules can include Business Leadership, Self Awareness, Commercial Acumen, Strategic Thinking and Leading Through Change as well as Managing Across Cultures and Building High Performance Teams.

Emphasising the pragmatic, business-focused approach, each module concludes with a workshop that contains a business simulation that focuses on the whole, or part of the clients business (e.g. Time-to-Market), taking a ‘value stream’ approach designed to accelerate cross-functional understanding and break down any narrow or silo thinking in the client’s matrix working environment.

What Was Achieved?

More commercially astute business leaders and emerging leaders with a broader view, both of their Business Unit, and the Corporate whole. In particular;

  • Exceptional year-on-year double-digit growth, improved gross margins, and increased % EBIT - Improved earnings per share
  • Reduced costs
  • Leaders capable of creating and communicating their local vision, initiating and driving change, and coaching others to improved performance

“Morgan Clarke has a very credible [design and delivery] team. They are all aligned which ensures a consistent experience for our people.”

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