Our client is a highly successful global supplier of high value capital equipment and related software and services for the medical market.

The Challenge

The market conditions for our client in recent years have been favourable, and in addition the client has made a number of well-targetted strategic acquisitions leading to double-digit growth.

They needed to take the opportunity during a series of conferences to reach out to employees to redefine the mission, reset the vision and values, and in particular, help their leaders and managers to understand the breadth of the total business, the challenges, and opportunities, and in particular the impact of their day-to-day decisions on key financial (e.g. profit, growth, cash) and non-financial (e.g. customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction) indicators, including cross-border collaboration and the need for all employees to take more ownership in a matrix operating environment.

Morgan Clarke’s Approach

For the first conference we designed a bespoke, computer-based business simulation modelling the totality of the business. Using an interactive gaming board, participants ran their own look-alike companies in competitive teams. This showed participants the interconnection between their business units, geographical regions, and more importantly, the contributions by, and the challenges and opportunities in each of the core business functions such as sales, service, operations, R&D, finance, etc.

Participating teams were mixed across functions, business unit and geography with the simulation focused on enabling participants to understand the ‘what, why and how’ of the clients business, through understanding of what was driving value throughout the business, and how that value if recognised by investors.

At a subsequent strategic event we built on this foundation with the deployment of drama-based workshops, using actor role-players, to enable business leaders to work on the core behaviours that were seen as paramount for continued business success. After this assignment the client said that the “planning and execution were exemplary” and that our team was “professional, knowledgeable and exceptionally astute in identifying our business challenges, linking these to the core behaviours, and then translating them into learning workshops.”

What was Achieved

Through the combination of a bespoke business simulation, well-targeted interactive learning sessions and the space, through expert facilitation, to think through how to apply the insights gained, employees:

  • Worked on day-to-day behaviours directly linked to core values
  • Learned to collaborate better and take more ownership for deploying strategic decisions
  • Improved cross-functional team working and relationship building skills
  • Were able to get people to understand how to align their day-to-day actions and decisions with the achievement of the client’s vision, strategy and business goals

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