B2B Skills

You are an experienced leader or manager who has to achieve results through other people. You need to influence or persuade them in order to get things done and achieve your goals.

This practical one day programme will help you harness powerful tools and techniques to increase your ability to influence and persuade. From a personal perspective, these insights will enable you to improve your skills, get yourself noticed and be more successful in your career.


By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • understand the importance of planning your approach
  • apply influencing skills and behaviours in everyday situations
  • obtain consent through co-operation rather than confrontation
  • understand others’ motivations to gain buy-in
  • use a wider range of influencing strategies that enable you to respond to different situations
  • handle potentially difficult situations with ease and confidence
  • get other people on your side and grow in stature within your organisation.


The programme is led by an experienced facilitator who, whilst not compromising the content, is able to craft the day around participants’ own challenges and issues. Exercises are used to explore how to influence and persuade in a range of situations.

Who should attend?

Leaders and managers who want to improve their ability to influence, persuade, inspire and communicate effectively in both business and personal situations.


One day

For further details please call Philip Perry on + 44 (0)1306 621600 or email philip.perry@morgan-clarke.co.uk