As part of a major restructure the new Chief Executive of a global energy company was appointed with the brief to move the business forward to address the changing demands of a globally competitive market place. To do this, he had to prepare the senior team to lead, drive and manage the process of change.

The Challenge

For Morgan Clarke to enable the client to build a cohesive, high performing executive team who faced the following issues:

  • Recently appointed CEO with a new approach and clear change agenda
  • Existing senior team had relevant and solid experience but was struggling with the different cultural and commercial environment in which they were now operating
  • Organisation structure was over elaborate and process driven, where emphasis was given to delivering first class engineering solutions without sufficiently effective commercial realism
  • Workforce had seen a succession of Chief Executives come and go. The business was viewed internally as successful, “why change anything now?”

Morgan Clarke’s Approach

  • We facilitated an internal review with the existing senior management team, in order to identify issues, test perceptions and gather evidence on whether they could or would be able to embrace a programme of change
  • External review of market data in order to test the business strategy.  Key clients were contacted to seek feedback on their experiences as customers and to identify relevant factors.  This was then taken into account in the design and formulation of the way forwards
  • Designed and delivered an Executive Team workshop which enabled all members of the executive team to arrive at a common understanding of the drivers of the business strategy, also agreement on what that strategy meant in terms of focus and daily activity at an individual and team level
  • Worked collectively with the team to arrive at a clear understanding of what was required by team working, where that differed from current practice and coached each individual in the design and implementation of individual action and personal development plans.


  • Mentored the executive team in the design of a change programme which allowed the senior team to demonstrate unified commitment to change and provided a basis for consistent leadership
  • Created new vision and mission statement, changed culture, values, reward and developmental process
  • Removed old “silo” mentality and developed an integrated commercial approach
  • The Chief Executive and the senior team have become an effective and cohesive unit which has delivered substantial, improved business results.

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