B2B Skills

In your role you have to sell, influence, gain buy-in from colleagues and senior managers, or impress external investors and regulatory bodies. You need to give clear, well-structured, informative and engaging presentations that have a powerful impact on the audience.

This programme assumes little or no previous training. It is designed to build confidence by providing an understanding of the key principles, and frequent opportunities to practise techniques.


By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • deliver purposeful, structured and persuasive presentations
  • plan high quality presentations that achieve maximum impact
  • make presentations with personal composure
  • control and sustain peak performance during challenging presentations
  • get your message across clearly, succinctly and with confidence
  • handle challenges and difficult questions.


The programme is practical, hands-on and uses examples that highlight good practice and common pitfalls. Participants learn the skills of successful presentation through a combination of practise, discussion and feedback. Participants will make at least two presentations and video is used to raise self-awareness and to assist with constructive feedback and learning.

Who should attend?

Anyone who addresses groups or makes presentations, whether in a formal or informal setting, and needs to develop their skills and confidence.


Two days

For further details please call Simon Herrington on + 44 (0)1306 621600.