Our Clients

Client feedback and recent surveys confirm that we add value because we:

  • Are flexible and consultative in our approach
  • Understand our clients' businesses
  • Bring challenge and get to the heart of the matter
  • Have experienced, high calibre people
  • Offer practical solutions, with a clear scope, for a fixed fee
  • Change behaviour, deliver results.

Here is what some of our clients have said about us:

"I chose to work with Morgan Clarke because they understand our business, are prepared to tackle issues head-on and focus on getting results. As a result of their contribution, client retention and business growth are strong." 
Duncan Howorth
Managing Director, Jardine Lloyd Thompson

"Morgan Clarke has supported COI for a number of years. Their approach is to work in close partnership, ensuring that their contributions are aligned with our needs. They have helped us to improve how we deliver support to our clients." 
Ross James
Deputy Director, Central Office of Information

"Morgan Clarke has consistently brought valuable skills and expertise to our business, enabling us to deliver complex multi-functional projects more effectively.  As an external resource, they have proven to be flexible and able to tailor their approach to our specific requirements."
Dr Andy Wainwright
Corporate Technical General Manager, United Biscuits

"I find that Morgan Clarke is flexible and always works hard to understand what is going on in the business. As a result, their work is always high quality and aligned with clients' need."
Peter Walmsley
Head of Corporate Human Resources, HR Access (Fidelity Investments)

"Morgan Clarke provide executive coaching services to the senior management and board of Canon UK. Their team of coaches meet our specific requirements and we are very satisfied with the service and the results the coaching is providing to our business."
Caroline Price
HR Director, Canon UK

"I have used Morgan Clarke on a number of assignments in the last two years. What I particularly value is their ability to quickly grasp a broad range of complex issues which enables me to view things from a more strategic perspective.  I now have a greater impact on the business by having a clearer focus and can clearly see the tangible results where we are improving our business performance."
Craig Thornthwaite
Learning & Development Manager Central Functions

"Morgan Clarke has worked in close partnership with us to build cohesive, high performing senior management teams and generally improve the impact and effectiveness of our leaders and senior managers through individual and team coaching."
Kevin Keegan
Group HR Director